Hammock and Hammock Chairs from South America


Methods of Payment

Money transfer

BanküberweisungThe easiest and cheapest method. You transfer the money to one of our bank accounts. Your order will be processed immediatly after we received the money. We provide you with IBAN and BIC for an easy transfer.


SofortüberweisungInnovative, easy and secure. With "Sofortüberweisung" we provide you with a service where you can use your existing online banking data. This service is approved by TUEV Germany for excellent transaction security. After payment we receive a confirmation within seconds, so we can process your order immediatly.

Credit and Debit Cards

Kreditkarte ZahlungEasy and wellknown: We accept several credit cards and debit cards like VISA, MasterCard and  Maestro. All your credit card data will be processed by a high secured (SSL) and PCI approved interface. If your card is registered for 3D-Secure - you can even use this additional security feature. After payment we receive a confirmation within seconds, so we can process your order immediatly.


PayPal PayPal is an international wellknown secure payment provider for online stores. If you have already a paypal account you can use it for paying our services. If you don't have paypal you can use that service and advantages also without registration.  After payment we receive an email confirmation from paypal within seconds, so we can process your order immediatly.

Cash on delivery

We can offer this service to on request for certain products to specific destinations. Please ask us - we can help you if you prefer this kind of payment.

Security Standards

High payment security standards are crucial. That's why we just rely on payment services which are proven over years and are tested by external auditors. Since we are also tested by external auditors we can't rely on unsecure methods of payment.

Do you have further questions? Contact us - service is our success !

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