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Privacy Policy

We apply strictly the legal regulations regarding privacy. We won't store personal data if you just visit the webshop. In some cases we need however such data of you e.g. if you purchase a product in our Webshop. We use the personal data in detail for the completion of the orders, for the supply of the goods, to inform for the completion of the payment, products, services and offers. We store and pass the personal data primarily for optimal job execution on to other enterprises. (i.e. shipping, ex factory delivery). The in such a way passed on data may be only used by the receiver for the fulfilment of its task.

Further and process we use your address and order data both for own and for marketing purposes of cooperating companies and pass for this purpose these data on also to these cooperating partners. Of course you can at any time recall permission for the use, processing and passing on of the data for marketing purposes, by sending us an appropriate message by E-Mail to