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Carry Star - the modern baby sling

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The right, modern and healthy way to carry your baby

Carry Star - the modern baby sling

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Product Description Carry Star - the modern baby sling - Amazonas

"The healthy way to carry your baby. Carry Star enables you to carry your baby optimally, regardless of how often and for how long. It’s healthy for your baby and good for your back!

Thanks to the innovative “Grow & Go” system, the CARRY STAR can be adjusted to fit your baby perfectly using five different settings. This system ensures that your baby sits with his knees up, his bottom down and his legs apart, and that his spine is shaped like a C.

The fully adjustable and detachable head support gives your baby’s head optimal protection and support. The belts and straps – plus an innovative clasp system – ensure that your baby’s weight is optimally distributed across your hips. This helps prevent back ache and strain, even after carrying your baby for long periods.
A myriad of clever features makes the AMAZONAS CARRY STAR unique. For instance, there’s an integrated waterproof cover, an adjustable hood, two detachable bibs and a practical pocket for storing small items. Our AMAZONAS CARRY STAR can be used from birth until approximately three years.

The right way to carry your baby
The AMAZONAS CARRY STAR meets the medical requirements for carrying your baby properly:
• It supports your newborn baby completely securely: face-to-face with the person carrying him and with sufficient space to accommodate his C-shaped spine.
• With a wide and sturdy piece of fabric for your baby to sit on, the AMAZONAS CARRY STAR provides ideal support – evenly distributed from the back of one knee to the back of the other. This not only facilitates a healthy posture, it also avoids pressure points.
• The AMAZONAS CARRY STAR ensures that your baby’s bottom is down and his legs are flexed and straddled, which is very important for healthy hip  development.

Carry your baby and help their back and hips develop healthy!
Babies have rounded backs when they are born. For nine months, their C-shaped spine has been perfectly tailored to the space available in the womb. Now the spine has to gradually straighten out. This is a gentle process that takes a whole year and is only completed when babies can stand up on their own and take their first tentative steps.
Furthermore, babies’ legs were bent up in the cramped space in the womb. What would look like a dislocated hip on an adult is actually extremely good for the development of the hip joint socket. The hip joints of a newborn baby, who has a skeleton that mainly comprises rubbery cartilage rather than “proper” bone, now have to cope with being slowly straightened out over a twelve-month period.
So that the hip joint sockets can stabilize properly, the hip joints should be flexed as often as possible and not stretched unnaturally. These medical facts help you to develop an understanding of how to care for your newborn baby. It’s better to carry your baby than push him around in a buggy at arm’s length. Make sure that his back is rounded and his legs are flexed at the knee. And when your baby is lying down, you should also give him the opportunity to round his back, instead of stretching his spine for hours in his cot."""

Additional Information Carry Star - the modern baby sling

product type Baby Sling
EAN 4030454003353
Manufacturer Amazonas
ready for dispatch (Days/Hours) 48h
Material lying surface cotton
Certificates Eco-Tested Institut Porst + Partner

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